I've just written my first online seminar for my old employer (but I'll still be doing some work for them).


Our teachers complained about having to do so many f-2-f seminars.  And I understand why as they work so hard and so extra work is really not what anyone wants.  So, we decided to try to offer some online seminars so teachers could be more flexible in how they developed professionally.


The result has been the first seminar about how to develop online using PLNs.  I used a wiki to provide the course as we don't have access to a VLE.  I'm learning how to use technology - I'm teaching myself - and so I'm doing what seems best at the moment.  I'd really appreciate feedback from anyone who can advise on a better way to provide an online seminar.  I wanted it to be collaborative as a real-life seminar would be and wikis serve this purpose.


The only thing I don't know how to do is to put an app for teachers to chat on the wiki and leave me messages.  Any ideas?


I've really enjoyed writing the seminar and I hope my passion comes across in it.  I find that those people who don't already have a PLN find it hard to grasp what it really is and describing it often isn't enough to get the message across.  It's also been important to me to get across the idea that having a PLN can totally change your view of teaching and learning and open up a whole new world of resources and more importantly provides continuous support.  In addition, I find it hard to persuade folk that the time you spend on your PLN in addition to all the other work you do really is worthwhile.


So, I'll report back after my old employer has tried out my seminar on the teachers there.


Wish me luck!


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Comment by Joanne Elizabeth Steel on October 23, 2011 at 2:52pm

Hi Graham

Thanks for your comments.  I use Facebook for personal stuff and Twitter to develop professionally.  I guess I'll try Facebook with my students too.  Thanks for the link to your blog.


Comment by Graham Davies on October 23, 2011 at 1:07pm

I use Facebook both for socialising with my family and friends and for educational purposes. I belong to several closed groups in Facebook - where the information exchanged is viewed only by members of each group, i.e. it's quite separate from the information that is broadcast to my family and friends. Using Facebook you can chat both asynchronously and synchronously.I also use Twitter. See my blog posting headed "My life online" at


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