Please use this forum to add your comments about building your Personal Learning Network using Facebook. Share links to relevant articles / resources and/or your own thoughts, experience, etc.


The purpose of this information is to help all mentors when supporting new teachers who are interested in using Facebook as a PLN for their own professional development or for teaching languages. 

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Hi Graham

I read your participation in BAW2012 and have become huge fun.

As a teacher trainer I am very much interested in helping colleagues lose their fear of technology and exploit Facebook as an important tool for promoting communication between teachers and students and among students themselves. These days I am running workshops for the Navy schools and have been using avatars, videos and Yahoo messenger to show them how to promote speaking skills. I must tell you that there are lots of teachers in some of the places I have visited who do not explore Internet for fear of getting stuck somewhere in the land of no-return or because they do not have time for exploring or just idleness. However, once you show them how easy it is to use some of the tools they get excited and willing to try them out... but you need to show them face to face... Any comment on this?


 I must confess I have been reluctant to joining Facebook as a social network since I have been told that whatever you post will remain in Internet. The responsibility increases when you are a person who wants to help other people follow their paths because there is the possibility of misguiding them, isn´t there?

I understand that as professionals we can improve by exchanging ideas, tips, resources, etc. with our peers through Facebbok  but to be honest I need to look into it much more deeply to exploit it as a tool to be used in the classroom to develop learning.

My question is : Is there any other way for Facebook &PLN to go together? Creating SIGs perhaps?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maria Luisa (Mumi)


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